The first question that arises is:

Why do we need to find God's will and purpose for our lives ?

Firstly because God is our creator and He formed us in our mother's womb. Before you were conceived you were already in God's mind. He already had a plan and a purpose for you to fulfill on the Earth.

He wired you in a manner; put gifts and talents inside of you, which you cannot manufacture on your own; placed you in a family and a nation of His choice; which will be the key instruments for you to fulfill His Plan on this earth.

He is the only One who knows that purpose for your life, not your parents, not your friends, not your teachers and not your pastor. They might help you or hinder you from finding God's plan for your life.

You need to go to God and His Holy Spirit who lives inside of you to find His will for your life.

Secondly you will prosper and be successful and influential fully,only when you are doing the will of God. And that is what we all long for and desire and expect to get in and from life. Nobody wants to be sick and broke and poor and a burden on others.

Your financial prosperity is there. Your health and vitality is there. Your social happiness is there. You can be a great blessing to your own family and to others there when you are doing the will of God for your life.

Because God's desire is your total all round wellbeing.

Firstly you need to acknowledge that we all are sinners and we need to get reconciled with God. The only Way is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour who died on the cross to take the punishment for your sins and my sins, who rose from the dead on the third day and now is seated on the right hand of God. He has made the eternal bridge between man and God.

When you believe and receive and confess Jesus as your personal Lord, you become One with Jesus and you get the nature of God inside you. You become a new creation.

You might be able to discover and find what you are good at and start to prosper there without accepting Jesus.

Your nature is still the human sinful nature which we all get at birth, and because of that the devil is the lord of your life.

And he will use and abuse your gifts and talents to fulfill his wicked purposes on this earth. To steal, kill and destroy children, youth and adults alike. He is wicked and does not care about you at all. In the end after using you for his personal gain he will destroy you. He will destroy your health, your family relationships, your finances, your social standing and because of your choice not to accept Jesus as your Lord you will suffer and spend eternity in hell, which can be the most tormenting thing for any human being!

We are made for God and heaven and not for the devil and hell.

And the chances are that you might never discover your purpose and spend all your life frustrated, unfulfilled, sick and broken and also go to hell.

So our best choice is to choose Life which is only found in Jesus Christ! He knows the purpose of our lives and He will through His Holy Spirit help us to discover and fulfill it and be prosperous!

Secondly, as soon as we become a new creation after the manner of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit comes and lives inside our spirits. We are a spirit , soul and a body.

The Holy Spirit who lives inside our spirit,endeavours to lead us and guide us in everything, every moment of our lives, so that we don't make a mistake. He speaks God's plans for us in our spirits. Our spirit is the candle of the Lord showing us His way for our lives.

How do we hear from God the Holy Spirit who is a person and the third person of the Holy Trinity?

We need to be aware of our spirits. He needs our total willingness to learn of Him and need us to co-operate with and fully obey Him for us to prosper fully. He is a gentleman and will not force Himself on you.

There are four things we should learn :

a) We need to listen to the impressions which we receive in our spirits. We also call it the intuition, or the gut feeling, although it is not a feeling.

b) We should listen to our conscience which tells us right from wrong even if we are uneducated. But your conscience is a safe guide only if you are born again and your mind is renewed by the Word of God.

c) We should pay attention to the witness in our spirit.
What do I mean?

When I say I am a child of God and I know it inside of me that that it is true; that knowing, is the co- witness of the Holy Spirit, who is living inside your spirit.

When I am deciding about something and I have the co witness, the knowing, that it is ok, then I can be sure that that is the will of God for me in that situation.

d) Sometimes The Holy Spirit also speaks inside your spirit. This is a little stronger than an intuition because you are not listening to Him through the other ways.

Be extremely careful !! Do not ask for or try to listen to voices in your mind or head.

You will need to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit in your spirit.

One of the very important factors in listening to and Knowing that it is the Holy Spirit, is your knowledge of the Bible, which is the Word and the Will of God for all mankind.

Then from there you find the specific will of God for your life as you move forward with God.

You should start slowly and do not be brash until you are sure you have learnt the right ways of hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit. That does not mean holding back. Just step out by faith and start practicing this in your daily living.

Everybody has to learn. Nobody is born with the knowledge.

When you grow as a Christian by reading the Word of God which is the Bible, and praying to God who is your father now, and fellowshipping with the other children of God at church; you will become more and more aware of the leading of the
Holy Spirit.

And as you start obeying and doing what He tells you to do by Faith, you will know more and more and you will grow more and more towards finding the highest level of your destiny that God has planned for you !

So don't give up at any point in time, until you are walking in the exact will of God for YOUR LIFE !

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