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Wait for it , it will surely come to pass!

The Vision of “The Rock and The Mantle”

As given to Sangeeta Mukerji, October 2003.

God called me to start my own ministry on the 30th of October2001. On the 1st of December 2001 without knowing what I was supposed to do, I officially started the ministry.

During the month of December, God told me to do a Worship Concert on a city wide scale with excellence. We started doing the concerts from January 2002 onwards, once a year to begin with; while I still had a business of my own.

In October of 2003, while a few of us had gathered together to pray for the city; God gave me a Vision.


In the Vision there was a huge Rock moving over the map (land) of India starting from over Jammu and Kashmir and coming down. It was destroying everything evil which was coming in its path and cleaned the whole land of India as it moved. With the Rock; just above it, was a big Mantle which was travelling with the Rock. Everywhere the Rock went the Mantle also went.

And God said that the Rock was the Spirit of the Lord moving over the land of India destroying everything evil and setting the people free to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives. The Mantle is the Glory of the Lord . And as the people stepped into God’s plans for their lives and started fulfilling His purposes, the Mantle or the Glory of the Lord covered that place.

And God said that that had already begun at the turn of the millennium. i.e. From the beginning of 2001.

By God’s grace that vision has stayed alive since the past 15 years and we were able to do the concerts against all odds and hindrances.

Now the time is here for us to completely give ourselves to the Vision.

According to Habakkuk 2:3 Amplified Bible version says

“For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time .It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it,Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.

Complete Jewish Bible says:

For the vision is meant for its appointed time; it speaks of the end, and it does not lie. It may take a while, but wait for it;it will surely come, it will not delay.

Isaiah 14:27 Amplified Bible version says

For the Lord of hosts has purposed [decided and planned it ] and who shall disannul it? And His hand is stretched out and who shall turn it back?

And Complete Jewish Bible says:

ADONAI-Tzva’ot has made his decision. Who is there that can stop him? He has stretched out his hand. Who can turn it back?

All of these versions speak of the certainty of a vision coming to pass at its appointed time! And God makes all things beautiful in His time ! He will fulfill His purposes for India !

So brothers and sisters the Vision certainly will be fulfilled !

Recently God also confirmed through mature and renowned servants of God, that God will move in India through worship.

By God’s Grace we are fully willing and obedient and committed to run with it and do worship concerts in all the capital cities( where the High Court is ) of the remaining states of India.

And God is faithful to bring the vision to came to pass, fulfilling His purposes in the land of India ! He loves the people of India and it is His will that everyone should be saved!

So come and join with us, as we run to fulfill that vision!

God Bless You All !

Sangeeta Mukerji.

Hence our Purpose is

To do Worship Concerts in every capital city( where the High Court is ) of every state of India and set the people free to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives!


To set the people free from every kind of chains, for them to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives; through Worship, the Prophetic and the Preaching of the Word of God.


To reach the ends of the world with the Liberty and the freedom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through Worship and the Word; by every channel available; and set the people free from every chain to fulfill their purpose in God.

Our Beliefs:

  1. We Believe that God is our Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Saviour, Lord and King and we serve and bow down only to Him.

  2. We believe that we and this ministry are ambassadors of Jesus Christ to establish His kingdom on this earth.

  3. We believe and accept the Senior Partnership of the Holy Ghost, the third person of the Holy Trinity, who is the leader and the ruler in our lives and in this ministry.

  4. We believe that The Bible is The Infallible Word of God forever settled in Heaven, full of power to accomplish and perform all things, a light and a lamp to our feet and every jot and tittle of it will come to pass.

  5. We believe that God has called and chosen us and the anointing on our lives is for the Glory and purposes of God and for the benefit of others.

  6. We believe that the Church is the body and the bride of Jesus Christ and He shows His love for the world through the church and He will return to take it back to Himself.

  7. We believe that Israel is the chosen nation of God and He will show His Sovereign Power to the nations through them and He is coming back to rule on the earth.